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    "Inspirational to firewalk with!"
    - Pamela

    "After seeing Don I felt as though he had unwound my mind and body so that I could feel myself again."
    - Victoria

O space

O space is a company which offers different kinds of services. They are quite diverse, but are linked by the idea of creating an open space where people can reboot and allow more balanced, authentic rhythms to reassert themselves.

O space offers a place to get away from chatter and noise and reconnect with more harmonious sounds that resonate deep within. Space to breathe, space to expand, space to open up and get right back to the heart of the matter. All kinds of different things happen at O Space, just how we like it. Quiet spaces like shiatsu, exciting spaces like firewalking and physical spaces like the yurts. Open spaces with more grounded beats and exciting rhythms.

Don McCracken


I have a natural curiosity and openness to life which had led me to explore and experiment with all kinds of healing practices and belief systems, and everything that I offer here on this web site is bound by one thing – I feel that they really deliver on their promise.

The yurts, firewalking and bodymind treatments all have ancient roots, and I think this is significant: nothing survives for thousands of years, being passed down from generation to generation, unless it really works. They have been as subject to natural selection as plants and animals, and they have stood the test of time and still have much to offer.

In this spirit that I am happy to pass things along the line and help keep these traditions alive. I hope that they will help you too.


I received my diploma from Suomen Shiatsukoulu (The Finnish Shiatsu School) in 2004, and completed the master’s programme in 2006. I have worked as a shiatsu therapist since 2004 at Helsinki Shiatsu Centre, Saigon Spa (Kluuvi) and Luontaishoitola Kuunhelmi.

I have trained with the Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education and graduated as an Advanced Firewalk Instructor in 2008, having been guided and taught by Peggy Dylan, the founder of Sundoor and the originator of the contemporary firewalking movement.

I was certified to teach Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) in 2011.


O Space

Susitie 14 b 22

00800 Helsinki

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