Arrow Breaking

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    "Inspirational to firewalk with!"
    - Pamela

    "After seeing Don I felt as though he had unwound my mind and body so that I could feel myself again."
    - Victoria


Goal-setting and affirmation techniques to help you know what you want and inspire the focus and belief to make it happen - BREAK FREE of limiting beliefs
  INSPIRE focus and self-belief
  FULFIL your true potential.

  • Duration: 1h
  • Cost:  60 € (50 € for students and unemployed)
  • Details: Please bring loose cotton clothing to wear during the session.
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Group workshops typically last around 4 hours and cost 300e for up to 10 people and 25e per person extra for larger groups.




Where are you, where are you going, and what’s in the way? Set a course and blow your fears away! Goal-setting and affirmation techniques can benefit those who have lost some direction in life and people who know what they want but need some initial support and inspiration to get the ball rolling. The body is always involved in these sessions to generate maximum focus and direction and create enough momentum to help you avoid drifting off course.











In the arrow-breaking workshop we will first identify the limiting beliefs and restrictive patterns that are blocking our paths and standing between you and your goals.

 The focus is on overcoming these obstacles within a supportive environment and the seession will culminate with the arrow-breaking exercise, which is based on an ancient Fijian ritual. In this context we will use it to energise your vision and cut a way through the tangled undergrowth, creating a clear path to help you realise your goal.


Like arrow-breaking, bar-bending also focuses on breaking through limiting beliefs and patterns that hold us back in life, removing the obstacles that stand between us and our aspirations. Focus and belief are paramount to bend the bar, and teamwork is an essential component too.
The arrow-breaking and bar-bending workshops are clinics for life. They teach us to be honest about the challenges we face, and provide us with the tools to surmount these barriers and move forward. Through the workshops we learn that when we bring a focused awareness to the present moment we are capable of more than we might believe, and the possibilities become endless.


The mind

Both of these workshops skilfully blend innovative modern techniques with ancient ritual to smash self-imposed limiting beliefs and break free of restrictive patterns. They are invaluable tools that inspire focus and self-belief, and practically demonstrate that we are capable of achieving much more than we might believe. They are dramatic examples of the ancient teaching that “you cannot believe everything you think”.


The arrow-breaking and bar-bending workshops can be done privately or in a group, and in group workshops they can stand alone or be combined, according to the requirements of the group.

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