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    "Inspirational to firewalk with!"
    - Pamela

    "After seeing Don I felt as though he had unwound my mind and body so that I could feel myself again."
    - Victoria

Inspire – motivate – revitalise


Stress in the workplace is so common nowadays that it is almost taken for granted, but there are simple ways to alleviate it, and the benefits are tangible and easy to see. O space offers a variety of activities to facilitate team-building and stress relief in the workplace in different ways. Getting people out of the office and into a fun situation where they are invited to cooperate with each other is a great way to bond people on a deeper level and infuse them with inspiration and enthusiasm, and investing in on-site massage reduces absenteeism and works wonders for employees’ general health and wellbeing. Inspire, motivate and revitalize – bring back the sparkle and get the place buzzing again. Contact me to make a booking or discuss what would suit your company best.

In-house massage


A 20-minute head, neck and shoulder massage can produce amazing results in a short space of time, clearing blocks and getting things moving again. The client sits in a chair and remains fully-clothed, so it is simple and easy to arrange. Neck and shoulder pain is almost starting to be accepted as normal in some occupations, but there is no reason to suffer in silence – it is always treatable and the results of this quick and efficient massage can be felt immediately. This quick massage is a great way to break up a day of meetings, and makes a welcome gift for visiting clients too. Book your weekly office massage.





Gift Cards

With more space and time I can bring a futon and give 30-minute and 1-hour shiatsu sessions. The effects of this are obviously deeper and the receiver is able to become more relaxed lying down on the mattress, but they remain clothed so it is still a very simple and practical procedure to organize this during the working day. All that I require is the space to work.


Gift cards are also available. Give your employees something they will really enjoy! Buy a giftcard.



Team-building workshops

1. Be clear on the goal
2. Be honest about where they are in the present moment
3. Be honest about the barrier in front of them



Unique bond

The firewalking, arrow-breaking and bar-bending workshops are a great way to uniquely bond your team and provide them with an opportunity for personal development and growth in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. There is nothing that bonds a group quite like getting scared together as the fire burns – and then celebrating with each other as they successfully walk the coals!







Proven success

These workshops have been used and praised by a number of successful companies including American Express and Microsoft. The workshops are a lot of fun, and they also teach participants about the practical value of directing their energy with focused intent to help them achieve their goals. In order to complete the firewalk, arrow-break or bar-bend, the participant must







Long-lasting effects

Only then can they know the correct way to approach and resolve the situation. Learning this lesson in an unforgettable way anchors this thought process in the participant’s mind and provides tools that will be invaluable in both his personal and professional life. Participation in the firewalking, arrow-breaking and bar-bending workshops is a true team-building experience, the beneficial effects of which are immediate and last long into the future.




Indoor workshops


Indoor workshops are like an indoor version of firewalking, and includes arrow-breaking and bar-bending. There are no special requirements regarding space. The workshop lasts 8 hours including breaks, but is flexible and can be tailored to special requirements.









At our venue in Antskog, just next to Fiskars. The firewalking workshop lasts 5 hours and includes refreshments and a meal. You can also hire me to run a firewalk at a venue of your choice. The firewalk can be e.g. combined with yurt hire as part of a weekend experience.

The firewalk workshop lasts 4 hours and costs 80e per person including a meal and snacks (minimum 10 participants).







Hiring the yurt and yurt sauna for your company is much more than a mere camping trip! Participants have a lot of fun as they work together to construct the base yurt and the sauna yurt before getting to enjoy the fruits of their labours by relaxing in the sauna and enjoying a good night’s sleep in an ancient shelter. The yurt can be erected at out venue in Antskog, near Fiskars, or at any other suitable venue of your choice. A yurt is classed as a tent under Finnish law so may be erected in e.g. National Parks in accordance with Everyman’s Right.

A yurt is an event in itself, and using one to promote your product is a sure way of attracting attention and standing out from the crowd.


Sauna yurt

The sauna yurt takes the sauna experience to a whole new level! Like all yurts it is free-standing and so can be erected  in all kinds of places, even where the ground would be unsuitable to erect a tent. You’ve never lived til you’ve had a sauna in a yurt!

The yurts can be easily combined with firewalking and massage treatments for an even fuller experience. Get in touch to arrange your event!


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