Kundalini Yoga

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    "Inspirational to firewalk with!"
    - Pamela

    "After seeing Don I felt as though he had unwound my mind and body so that I could feel myself again."
    - Victoria


Kundalini yoga os known as the Yoga of Awareness. It combines physical exercises, meditations, mantras, relaxation and simple breathing techniques to increase bodily awareness and balance the nervous system for optimum health and energy.

  • Duration: 1h
  • Cost:  60 € (50 € for students and unemployed)
  • Details: Please bring loose cotton clothing to wear during the session.
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A full class lasts 90 minutes and costs 80 € (70 € for students and unemployed). There may be more than one person in a class, and costs are shared. Home visits are possible.

One-on-one sessions are suitable for those who would like to develop a personal practice and are unable to attend regular classes, or as a supplement for those that would like to pay more attention to specific areas of their practice.

Please bring loose cotton clothing to wear during the session. 

The session lasts 1 hour and costs 60 € (50 € for students and unemployed).


The yoga of awareness

Kundalini yoga was opened up to the West by Yogi Bhajan when he began to publicly teach the discipline, which had hitherto been secret, in the United States at the end of the 1960s.

It is known as the “yoga of awareness” because it helps people lead more conscious lives and it is also known as householder’s yoga because of its practical nature – helping people cope with the daily stresses and strains of working and raising a family and giving them the tools to overcome the many challenges that life presents.











Do your best

Better overall health and a calmer state of mind are accepted benefits of yoga, and kundalini specifically focuses on strengthening the nervous and glandular systems and cultivating consciousness and awareness.

No experience is necessary to take part in a kundalini yoga class – the focus is on doing your best. The style does not emphasise the perfection of postures: you start from where you are. Lack of flexibility is no reason not to start to learn.


Don is a special teacher. His natural gift of being soft, genuine and humorous allows the student to let it be, let a smile rise, and relax into the practice. Don as a person is open, curious and original. I would attend his practice, no matter if it is a kundalini yoga class, meditation or just a talk about love and life. Be well, be yourself. – Tommi Kujala, Helsinki

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